Home away from home

Where you eat anything you want,
when you come home anytime you want,
hang out with whoever you want to,
study only if you feel like it,
never sleep that night,


where you do your own laundry,
clean your own room,
buy your own food,
get good grades.

welcome to hostel life.

Dreading / missing it!



Time is a test?

Being away from Uni has made me miss studying.
Yeah you read correctly.

Being away from my friends. Thats another down part too. Yet. They still make me so happy. Skype calls. Chats. Though occasional, are always filled with, “When are you coming back?”, “See you soon.”, “We miss you.” I’ll always feel at home with them – meet ups are never awkward. Never.

We’ll just sit and talk till midnight.

I’ve been blessed with the most amazing group of friends in Kuching. What a change from all I’ve known about friendship. These people have taught me how to be a friend. A real one. No false pretence here.

So. Grateful. For. That.

Also, I am so done trying. Trying to keep friendships that don’t mean anything. Hm. Just couldn’t be bothered. Done trying. They didn’t bother either. Point taken 🙂 Poor mom, thinking her daughter has no friends (other than workmates). Haha but I wouldn’t worry too much. Leaving soon anyways!

With that being said, I’m going to miss being 1hr 45mins away from them. Got to make the most of this December! Till then Twenty Forces. 🙂


So happy you liked the video. It is okay if he never reads this, but I thank Jesus for bringing Ron into the world years ago. Well, I shall begin from day one. Like everybody else, I thought he was together with Amelia. They were school mates since forever and even in Uni they kept staying close to each other only… so I was like.. kay never mind. Will not disturb. After the first week, Melia announced that she is not with Ron hahah they were just friends – the english magazine really brought us together and helped break all the tension. I have to admit, Ron’s short story was terrible. His english… I think he did it like an hour before the deadline. Since then we started taking short trips after the first field trips. We would all have lunch together. And sometimes Ron will take us all out.

When finals were around the corner, they all stayed back to study. Ron didn’t really stay except when he needed help with English (Our english is actually called “academic and communication skills and they are really a pain – with super strict grading). But by the end of the semester, we started going to the gym, having suppers 24/7, watching midnight movies, cooking at Fien’s house. By the second semester we were all badass enough to play CS (Counter Strike) and we got out ID’s recorded. Haaaa. But till today, Ron remembers I killed him – super funny when he found out it was me. Anyway.

These guys were like my second family there. Ron or Javan would never mind sending me to and fro from the airport every time I went back. I probably will never say this to their faces but I am so so grateful each time I see their faces in the airport.

So grateful, because I know when I go back to Kuching away from home (oh how dreadful)  I will be actually going to my other home – with those familiar faces.

No, Ron isn’t like an extraordinary gentlemen that will go all out to be nice. But he is nice. In our last semester, his car over heated. The next day he thought it would be okay already. So we went out for lunch. Luckily Fien was in the car (His dad is a mechanic so he knows cars). The car over heated and we had to stop. It couldn’t start and we were really stuck. We tried everything – poor Ron he didn’t know what to do. Fien did what we could but we were stuck. So Ron’s dad told him to drive to a nearby shop and leave the car there for the mechanic to collect. We had lunch AND HE PAID FOR US… like zomg, we are the reason your car spoil then you still want to pay? Heeh.

But he is funny to talk to and he loves HIMYM. In our third semester when we were all stressed up for 3 units we had to choose our degrees too. He could never really make up his mind. After classes he agreed to come back and study. We went to the comp lab and agreed if we studied we would watch HIMYM’s latest episode. But we didn’t study, we just watched HIMYM haha. While waiting for the parking to be free (10pm you leave uni its free parking) we went up to the bridge and he talked about his work. AHH that boy hahaha, he told me he used to write those price signs. Those big numbers you see in the supermarkets – “0.99 cents” only kind. Hahahahaha and this is the boy who got the cinemas wrong. He so gan cheong when he read the text because he was a little bit late – he ended up almost half an hour late. So freaking funny. Underneath all that hiao-ness I know he’s a lot more. I would never trade anything to know him (& the other bros).

As weird as he listens to Drenched and other emo Chinese songs alot, as funny as his lame shares on facebook are (he always shares lame funny pictures), as lifelessly addicted he plays dota – he is still Ron Ron that will take me go Mcd at midnight – cause we’re hungry. Then we go back and annoy those studying in the chilling crib. Those were the days – thanks for everything.  🙂 

Photo on 2013-10-22 at 15.06Picture taken on my laptop (Eng Maths B) – 22/10/2013, 3.06pm

Happy birthday Ron!

#BBF – (Best bros fiveever)

#614 Put on your brave face &


For some of you readers actually know me, here’s a little update.

I will not be returning to Swinburne (Kuching) for now. Hopefully, if all goes well I will continue my studies elsewhere! In July of course. Waiting for things to fall into place first, the process can be pretty tedious.

However; they say “Good things will come to those who wait” for a reason okay.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

Hmmm, you may wonder, what is she doing now? Hopefully I will be able to serve in a ministry, do missions, something to bless others. I’ll be back on time for interviews before I leave. This also gives me plenty of time to hang out with mah homiesssss!

Excited for what’s in store, in the meantime, have a great semester to my loves.

I know classes will never be the same with us separated/without you all. It’s time to brave reality & grow up now Genia.

God bless!


hello everyone,
Its 14 days into the new year but better late than never 🙂

I had a really long afternoon nap when it rained earlier this evening and I don’t think I can get much sleep tonight. Just finished a movie (YAYS to movie nights) with the family over pizza. Slumber dinner hehe.

My 2013 started off with work. After SPM (2012) I pretty much lazed around, well after coming back from Sarawak. But by the last week of January I was hired by True Fitness. Nope if your guessing I did not train people. Worked as the counter girl / customer service. But heck, not as easy as it seems. At least I had Nadia, Surya and Munawar around to fool with during work. Although we didn’t get the same shift all the time we managed to sneak naps and etc. hehe. overall it was a good experience to learn the system of such an established company.

Then SPM results. Although it was unexpected for me to do well in some subjects I pulled through. Soon enough I got an offer from Swinburne, it was so last minute I quite my job 3 days before flying off to Kuching.

Swinburne. An interesting chapter indeed. Orientation week flew by, classes started and then the class trip. That was the start of getting to know everyone. Since then theres no stopping us Twenty Force. Nights were filled with studying sessions at the library and mamak afterwards. On top of the crazy schedule (PACKED LIKE SARDINES) we managed to publish a magazine, for our english. That was one of the hardest task in SEM 1 for me because I was the Chief Editor. Despite all the arguements I am glad it made us closer as a class. After our physics we had quite an experience in Damai.

Man I love my class.
Soon enough SEM 2 started. The MPW semester. The closest people to me was Fien, Ron, and Jeremy. We were same groups for both. Visited the SSPCA for the first time and lost my blue logos band 😦 Overall it was a “holiday semester”. Nights of movies, outings, mamak sessions.

Home for 5 days was like heaven

SEM3 was not as packed as usual because I studied an extra unit in the summer semester. 3 subjects, piece of cake… or so I thought. New class again. This time, most of us who passed all the units were in the same class. Kevin, Caleb and a few others were also in the class 🙂 This time everyone started gyming. On top of studying, mornings were filled with gym sessions and etc. The best thing about this semester was the running club. Chris thankfully set up a route. Soon enough the club grew, almost a hundred at one point. I got my classmates and even Kevin to join! Made alot of friends from there, I really miss running at night. heh. I even managed a weekend of running. Joined the Monster dash (5km), Larian Belia (7km)  and the usual route the next day. Onz like crayonz. Bought a new shoe and it really helped. Managed a top-10 on the monster dash 🙂

This is why you should sign up for a running club today!! 🙂

On the last week of finals, Dad came. I got really sick during exams, so after that I met up with the family and spent the next few days sleeping in the hostel.

Roadtrip. That sunday, the family packed up for Sebuyau. (Dad’s hometown) Spent a night to say hi to Aunty Rose, Aunty Runin and Uncle Meli.

The next day we headed off to my Mama’s place in Betong. Spent a few eventful days here, my Mama even closed her Kopitiam for a day when we arrived 🙂

Drove to Bintulu. Visited dad’s bro. The cool uncle. He brought us to so many places with good food. After breakfast we even drove awhile to the river just to find fish (to buy). But turns out everyone was on Christmas break so we just spent awhile sitting by the river drinking Soda. 🙂

After a couple of days, we drove to Miri. By then it was the 22nd already. *OOH Superman by Joe just played hehe.* Anyways we spent Christmas there and got back to Home on the 27th (home sweet home). Christmas this year was a quiet one. The food and fellowship in Miri however, quite the opposite. The BBQ pit was always filled with fire. The kitchen was always full. Pretty much lazed around eating. Nights were spent with the older ones drinking punch or whatever they call it. Yeaap they brought liquor. My uncle is a bad influence but oh wells ahha. Slept in my grandmas room, she got so attached to me. Hahah love my family to the bits.

Well, there. My year summed up. 🙂

Now Playing, 

till then.. God bless!

Devotions 101

I packed my notebook and Bible, but I really needed some space to do my devotions. Here’s a verse for you; the Bible has never failed to comfort and assure me in doubts, here is one of my favourite verses:

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you.
Isaiah 41:10-13

With the blurred process of applications and moving; I trust that God  has my life all planned out already. Exactly how I wasn’t suppose to be in Swinburne but ended up having the best 8 months of my life. Time flies, but my trust in God grows even more now that I don’t have a choice. Feeling so grateful for His guidance throughout these 8 months. Grateful for every single person I’ve met. For the many hours we spent together, I would never trade it for anything in the world.

Till then,
Last day in the hostel.

Dear Kevin,
Thank you for always being strong. In every way. You are really something, the way you see life, the way you react to the worst situations can be so admirable. Thanks for teaching me how to be strong. Thanks for being a great listener, a great friend, a great buddy, a gym trainer, and most importantly keeping me on track. Thank you for all that, I will miss you. Your advice. Serious talks, (some not so serious ones too 😉 ) And doing e-maths together, finding tables in the library. etc.
Hope we meet soon.
I know things will not be the same but I wish you the best for future undertakings.
All the best in Johor.
Much love,
from everyone here.
I will try to be happy for you. :’)