SPM 2012;


Frankly speaking even if not going for the Malaysian Games during my SPM year would have gotten me my straight A’s. I’d rather experience it all, than trade it for anything. No regrets, not turning back either, but still I will be eternally grateful & thankful to the Heavenly Father who is watching over me. Because He knows whats best for me. On top of that, my parents are the most loving, caring, understanding, encouraging pillars of support that I can never thank enough. For every race they’ve supported, hours of driving, training and even tolerating my SPM period giving me all the encouragement needed.

For being so understanding that straight A’s is not everything I need to impress them. Making them proud is an indescribable feeling. Yes nevertheless, both them and myself would have loved if I have achieved better, but again, God knows best. 
Congratulations to everyone who scored well, whether straight A+ or not, to those who did their best congratulations! 🙂
now, one scary word I need to face: future.
well it’s all or nothing, here goes another journey, a whole new chapter with God.
Till then!

#582 Post SPM bliss

I am into the hillsongs oldies again. the other past few albums, cause they mean alot to me. heh like this, and this.

5/12/12 – a day well spent. hours of crazy fun with the classmates at lagoon 🙂 Gonna miss times like this.
6/12/12- undang test with Qing Hua later. hehe.

holiday in kl, going pretty well, hoping it will be the same back there. Updates soon! 🙂


1744 hours:
PS/ I PASSED UNDANG hehe i is happy. byes

Well hello

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So lately, i’ve been thinking alot. And I really feel lost without studying haha. Guess i’m at this really important crossroad of my life eh. Where I pave my future, but I honestly feel so lost. SPM has been a wonderful journey nevertheless, manage to go through it well I guess, not talking about confirmed A+’s but about staying healthy and having the strength to actually study.

Not only in this, but in whether I should keep running. I know it’s so easy to say, but one race takes hours of training, and i’m not sure if i can commit so much of my life, give up so many things and compete again. It’s amazing how many days of school I’ve missed every year. And tuition classes i’ve burned, I think dad pays an extra month every year for all the classes I’ve missed added up. I can’t be ungrateful because running has been a really huge part of my life, but whether it will be a huge part of my future too, its still undecided. Daddy’s taking me to see colleges now, open days and all. This is weird. I feel old. Aiks.

sighs so many things to do. So little time. guess i’m off to hit the gym. its the last month already, wow two years past really fast. And now, december is just around the corner. What have I done with my life lately?



#574 The road to nowhere.


And, i’m already thinking, where to next. Phewww, 3 days of really crazy exams finally over. only two hectic days left 🙂 Slightly relieved that Physics wasn’t as hard as Jon Quek said it would be. And on top of it all I read the paper 3 experiment only minutes before.

Oh and on sunday night, I couldn’t find my IC, and I really panicked. Thank God Bryan said that we can just get a slip for it. But I was still scared & I prayed very, VERY VERYY hard. I almost cried. haaaaaaaa, turns out the next day it was in my pinafore pocket. That was already WASHED.
SOYEA, God has been pretty amazing in my life. I don’t know about you but my God is pretty real to me!
Here’s a verse;
James 1:5
New International Version (NIV)
5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.
goodnights! till freedom then.

Hurdle one,


now it would mean the world if I could talk to you without feeling like i’m annoying you. Unanswered messages everywhere, I just wish I wasn’t that annoying to you, to anyone in fact, guess its only me and You, God.

I’m so happy BM & Sej is history. Haaa, I am so funny :’)


The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight
Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time
I am here still waiting though i still have my doubts
I am damaged at best, like you’ve already figured out
-Broken, Lifehouse