Reading this leaves me in tears. Yoon Yeung (the son) may be just running marathons. But he changed his father’s world. So much love – to the point of that sacrifice? Got me thinking, how hard is it for me to run without pushing a wheelchair. And this amazing person willingly runs and pushes his beloved father throughout 42km. Now, he can truly say he loves his Pa.


“I may not be able to change the world, but I can change one person’s world. “



Today was a considerably important day for me – medically. My MRI scans were out, and I was freaking out to be honest. Yesterday, I was a mess. Suddenly felt the seriousness of the day and things became worse when we arrived in the hospital. We were a little bit late – and in these clinics seconds matter. We had to wait for hours, watching patients from everywhere, with illnesses varying. Freaked me out even more to see people with metal rods sticking out of gauze/casts. Yes, you can say I was pretty bottled up. A thousand thoughts were running through my mind. And when Dad brought up a sensitive topic over lunch (Yes we had that much time to wait), we kinda argued. It was quite bad and I…. broke down. Tears quietly spilled, in the cafeteria of a hospital. Unbelievable. But here is why I am telling you about my dad.

Throughout the whole ordeal he calmly and reassuringly repeated his point. At that time, I just cried, feeling surprised he didn’t cave to say I was right, he didn’t try to console me. He let me just cry. He told me sometimes you get emotional when you are stressed, but you should never let your emotions get a hold of you and cloud your rational judgements. When the tears stopped, I recollected myself and felt so relieved. Lightheaded. True enough, his point started to sound logical. The more he spoke, the more I understood what he meant. How did he know I needed to get those emotions out of my system? I felt a little foolish for instigating this argument initially.

Suddenly, his point actually sounded valid. Knowing myself – headstrong and all, I seriously felt surprised for feeling like that. It was not like I lost the argument in any way, I did not feel that way at all I just understood. Dad’s unconditional love for mom. Knowing when and how to keep quiet when she rants. Knowing his place and judging accordingly. Knowing when to console me – or not to. Knowing how to make me feel better. Man, mom is so lucky to have him.

Despite his flaws and all I pray for a man just like my Dad in my life. I can only hope for so much, but Dad is amazing. He enjoys cooking, he fixes things, he cleans, he takes care of us in ways we never knew, he is always there and most of all he supports my dreams.

Turned out I am physically whole again. Nothing to worry about, a minor injury. I can go back to sports now – gradually of course.

I am blessed.


After being out of high school (which felt like a lifetime) I finally met up with them guys. Best seniors – the ones that will drive all the way to Kuala Selangor just to watch the race. Turns out they’re all doing so well, such fine men already! So good to see how much we’ve all been through – how far we’ve come.

Haha okay sentimental much, but oh man talking about MSSD & MSSS etc makes me miss those care free times so much. Was the best season of my life where school and training was pretty much my life.

Time to grow up.

#602 Running


Hello everyone,
The mid semesters are over! I am going to start studying for my finals because it is not cool to regret. Seriously did not feel prepared for these test. Fortunately its only a small percentage. Anyways, having said that today would be my only rest day.

Mondays huh. I’m feeling so grateful for the running club of Swinburne. It’s our 6th run already. And it makes me look forward to Mondays. Instead of dreading it all the time, I finally have something to expect. Running is so good for the soul. Really.

I’ve missed it so much, it’s good to be back despite the longer distance. ☺

Back to Mondays, today is probably one of the best. Skyped with both my Kor and my mum. Miss my family but I am feeling so grateful for technology that unites families. Yeah, feeling so blessed today. From being able to do my Chemistry paper, to hours of Skype, doing laundry, a well-deserved rest, and a run in the drizzle followed by dinner/supper with the running buds.

1 Tim 6:12
Fight the good fight. Take hold of the eternal life which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Today, on the 6th of January 1230 am,

5 minutes before I heard the news, I facebook messaged this guy.
MSSM 2012
Now, he’s gone.
RIP always, wonderful friend.
May God bless you,
for teaching me to never give up no matter what comes in your way, and no matter how many times you fall down, get back up again. for the times we’ve talked about stupid people and how you punch them haha, and of course that was silly, you even said it yourself. yet, you are the only one that actually talks to everyone in the group, no matter who, you even once told me not to think of a person so quickly but to get to know him/her first, we may not talk much. But, thank you for all the stories that you told, just to keep me entertained when our SUKSES was over and my dad was running late. Training sessions with you always make me wanna persevere a little harder. Cause there’s this guy who never gave up on his dream. You’ll always be in our hearts.
you will be dearly missed,
prayers and thoughts to your loved ones.
Selangor will miss you. So will everyone.
SUKMA was the last, with you.

You think you’re taller than me, well, you can be taller than me now 🙂

once a family, always a family
Life is precious, dear God, humble us to live each day as though its our last.

My 2012 in pictures


Running family 🙂
Had the time of my life with the schoolmates, it has been a great journey training, and all the politics we faced together. The lunches after training. The MPSJ track. Hiding the 5 cent coin haha. And everything, i’m going to miss the guys so much. 😦

Another family, green blue, black. We did everyone proud this year, but so close yet so far. First olahragawati outside school. 🙂 And I clocked my second best timing. Loved being the “older sister”
Ikal, the MSSM bestie. Love her ttm. The most retarded best friend ever. I mean we could be so close in such a short time. Love her.
Enjoyed all the teasing and the crazy moments training together.
holding that trophy again, thankyou God 🙂


They drove to kuantan to see me run, I have the best family in the world, (TO ME)

BOMBA COMPETITION, with the runners





People I love:
ohmykor, I miss you so much. Every day is still different without you. Today finally, someone actually used your mug, with your name on it, and it has been kept that long. Well, sometimes I wake up and wonder why you’re being such a pig and sleeping so long. But 5 seconds later I realise your room is my study room. There are days when I come down and almost ask if you’re awake, or what time you came home the previous nights. And they are also days when the NFL notifications lights up and I will think of you. Distance has been awfully mean to us both and I’ll always miss you being around as a brother and a friend. But I have to learn to move forward, accept the circumstances. Because I find so much comfort knowing that God has planned your future, as well as mine. So kor, I miss you dearly, but it’s for the best. Study hard, but most importantly stay close to God, because He knows you better than me 😉 
Much love.
The family. 

This december was well spent with the cousins, all the differences yet so united. So happy I got to meet each one of you. This time was such an eye-opener. And I really need to go back often. Love roadtrips and travelling in Sarawak. Best of all, I love my Inik, my grandmother, who never fails to make me laugh each day. Being my buddy. ^^

Cousins + Grandma
oh the cousins, they will never read this cause we don’t really know each other ONLINE. But in the real world, man, we’re best buddies after days. People get to know each other for a lifetime before being friends. We’re just friend for a lifetime. Really, from cooking breakfast, to bathing dogs, long walks, and complaining about mothers. Hahah my 17 year old neph and cous. We 3 are unstoppable. Really. 😉 Miss them to the bits but I know that God has the future planned out for every one of us, so see you both in 6 months aye? Gawai! 🙂
HEEEEY RETARD. 2012 has been so aweshum ah. Friends for barely two years but seriously, the amount of teasings I get, countless. But I know your life will be very dull without me. Oh oops, I mean the other way around. Hahah thank you for being so awesome, and all the retarded moments we have. From singing in the dewan to annoy TS to calling YP short hehe. Have fun future lawyer, love you!
Ahyo, kiew ah kiew. IDK what to say la. You are like the most popular girl in school lo, pretty, everyone likes you but you think too much. Really, you are wonderful, but you don’t know it. I hope you learn to learn yourself more, stop writing emo posts cause it  makes people emo too. Stio reading emo books, be more confident okay haiyo. Promise me to always be happy, I like being around you cause you’re shorter than me. Hahaha, and you know I love you, and your driving. 😉
HELLO DAUGHTER! 2 years classmates when everyone left 😦 But we had such retarded moments this year. Haha. Thanks for always tolerating my nonsense and making me shut up sometimes, and telling me when teachers are scolding. Best table mate, love youu baby.
HIHIHIHIHIHIHH^^ hahaha I didn’t know you earlier but it has been so awesome to know that you think i’m not retarded. Right now you are eating maggi mee on skype with Jing, so retarded. But I love you anyways, know you’ve been through a rough year, no worries, 2013 will be great! 🙂

heylo. classmate, addmath tuition buddy. You and your sister have been so nice to me, from shopping for prom dresses in KL to crazy car rides. Thank you for letting me come over before/after tuitions and the undang, thanks for helping me stay awake. Hhaha and I will miss all the retarded moments we have in class, all the crazy lame ass jokes and whatsapp convos. *SIGHS. We are so lame. BUT, hahaha, love you la. 🙂
in 2009 we had 3 pictures together
in 2010 we had 2
in 2012 I’m pretty sure less than 15
Yea. Thats us jia, no matter what you’ll always be the best lala. Sorry for always not replying your texts back then (during running season) and taking you for granted sometimes. Hehe, you’re so nice, and I wish you the best always. And thanks for the advice, and being like a big brotha. 🙂 Stay buff. Hahaha.
HI BIMBO FRIEND, omg I will never forget you and your nerd act in class, no joke. I laughed my ass off literally. And thank you for the late night talks, in Nise’s house. Hahah reality hits hard. But you’ve always been a good friend, so thank you for spending November 12 not studying but instead coming to Pizza Uno for my birthday. 
Best friend of idk how many years, I’ll always cherish the moments we have. And all the crazy times we had together, you’ll always be my favourite indian. Love you prya. 🙂
Heylo cheng yu wei, I miss you and your funny laugh. Come back from camp  quick. Its been an awesome year for CF eh. Really, but miss the CF meetings, your the kind of person that really knows what matters in life, in CF and although we got distracted by SPM we made it through the year. It’s been great going camp, getting to know you and hahaha the Justin Bieber video we did on valentines day. Well, wishing you all the best in everything, I know you’ll go places and do great stuff, amazing things for Jesus. Continue being a blessing to everyone you meet okay? You made CF 2012 unforgettable, along with every single member of CF.

Another girl who has impacted my life so greatly. Your raw simplicity and honesty about life, and how you see things has changed my way of seeing things too. Being in camp with you was something cause I learnt so much. Sorry for “stealing” your best friend away, haha Clarissa is just really friendly, but i’m glad I got to earn another best friend in the process; you. You’ve always been there for me, and I want to thank you for always helping us stay positive in every CF meeting and gently reminding us when we go wrong. I have so much to learn from you, and I hope you do well in everything. You will continue to touch others around you I believe, continue shouting God’s fame. You, shy? Nah don’t think so.
ALEX, your mini head is there. Thank you for all the encouragement, and for sharing your thoughts with me. You’re going to have a fine year KP. Hope that 2013 goes well for you, and I hope I can be there when you need me too. Continue shining for Jesus in everything you do bro.
hello there everything buddy. I thank God for placing you in my life. I’ve written so many posts about you, just scroll down. Frankly, you’ve been through alot this year, and your faith and hope in God is something I admire. Wish the best for you in everything, and thanks for the prayers before each run. 😉
So many others who have impacted my life, but thats all for tonight. wrote till midnight, wanted it to be a new years post, but oh well, 2nd Jan 2013 it is. 🙂
‘Till then