After being out of high school (which felt like a lifetime) I finally met up with them guys. Best seniors – the ones that will drive all the way to Kuala Selangor just to watch the race. Turns out they’re all doing so well, such fine men already! So good to see how much we’ve all been through – how far we’ve come.

Haha okay sentimental much, but oh man talking about MSSD & MSSS etc makes me miss those care free times so much. Was the best season of my life where school and training was pretty much my life.

Time to grow up.



BEST YEAR EVER. Last year, full of everything, tears, joy, pain but whatever, we did our best thats all that matters.
THANK YOU GOD, for the wonderful MSSD.
Till then,
Happy 18th Birthday Kor!
Dear God, please bless and protect him whever he may be right now. I know that it is an experience indeed to be blessed like him to go for mission trips like this, please help him to appreciate every moment he has on the ship & may you bless the work of his hands always AND PLEASE GOD, give him excellent results for his SPM. I know You love my kor waay more than me. Take care of him okay. Wherever life takes him after SPM, help him to always remember us all. And You too of course.


You are the difference in us,

And the greatest of these is love..

Today was great! Beyond great: Amazing in fact. CONGRATS, Qi En  on her gold for walking 🙂 And to the rest that ran their hearts out today. So proud of you all. I’m here to wish two very special people happy birthday. 

Shane Teh Wee Sheng.
You spent your Birthday in MPSJ. Awh :’) You wanted to see us I know :)) Hahah, anyways buddy, we go a loong way back but you ditched me in MSSS last year </3 Sighs, at least you kept your promise. Congrats on  your GOLD, Ironman! 😀 Here's to our retardness and all the bad things you've taught me. Joking 😉 Hope you had a great birthday! 
Naomi Yap Pooi Mei.
Happy Birthday 3-ilmu classmate! Hope you have fun in Germany, I love the fact that you still say hi to us and everything despite changing classes, friends and etc. Thanks for everything & all the memories :’) Hope to catch up sooooon! x Hope you had a great 17th birthday   
So yeah. I’m tired, long but great day. A day to remember.
PS/ I GOT MEET & GREET passes to Joe Brooks :B THANKS MEI YEE!   
#np The Difference, Hillsongs.

God Bless, till then.

Esok ade game,

Everyone said this yesterday. LOL. See y’aallll! 🙂
Cause today is blue day!

Just got back from MSSD, well after eating and all. Wow, idk how she tripped. BUT that was pure grace. Thank You God. For holding the rain too. 🙂
Please help Eu-nise recover from her fever & give Diiva & Wei Jun extra strength for tomorrow. 
BIG DAY EH. Trusting You in everything.
Now playing, You are for me, Kari Jobe. Beautiful song indeed.

DEEPEST CONDOLENCES to the DeCruz family. Hope you both stay strong Sam & Daniel. We’re here for you.

Its me again ,

But we’re all too scared to say anything worth saying.

Hello dead blog,
I didn’t want you to die ): I’ve got maths and homework waiting for me. Anyways. Sorry for not updating. These few days have been crazy. Its weird. And i’m scared.
But, GOD, I know you’re there. Specially when I need you most.
So yeah, 16 days left.
Happy Belated Fiona Soh Chui Pan!