Living on One

I watched a video about two guys who wanted to know what it was like to live under a dollar a day & it changed my life, for real.

So, one part that really got me was when one of the villagers (Antonio) and his family (of four kids) cooked a special dish for Chris, Zach, Sean and Ryan. They had so little yet they willingly gave so much. Let me explain how little they live on – the whole family, six individuals (including a baby) live on $1.25 on average. Some days are worse, some days, better. Yet, Antonio personally offered and told them that they can come over anytime, for food, shelter, and he will try his best to provide for them. Wow.

I wonder, how can someone with so little, love that much?

Another thing that struck me was that these families had to constantly choose between feeding their children or sending them to school (for a decent education). No parent should ever have to decide between these choices.

This movie is an eye opener. Everyone should watch it. Guys, I am so ashamed. I don’t think I can survive on $1 per day. These people don’t have an option. I cannot live one day without the ‘basic’ necessities, like water, electricity. What is insane is that our ‘basic’ amenities are considered luxurious to these people. People like you and I, with big dreams, dreams to become a football star. Yet, they live knowing that, at the age of 12 years old, their future is set to be a farmer. They know that school is not at option.

Wow, 12 years old guys. When I was 12 I am not sure if I even knew what an ambition was. Yes, I had dreams of what I wanted to be, but I never had a path preset for me already.

When thinking about world poverty, I’ve always wondered what the ultimate solution was. This movie answered my question. There is not ultimate solution, however, partial solutions lead to the eventual solution for world hunger. So many factors have to be considered when addressing an issue like this. This will only be possible if every small factor considered, will be addressed and hence solved.

Lately, I’ve been blessed. Blessed to have watched so many eye opening movies. Here is a short list of what I think is worth watching: Black and white, The True Cost, Living on One.

Ps/ Check these two guys out []



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so I just had to blog. It’s 230am and I just had IHOP for the first time! Yeah Murica. Also, I’ve just had the best day yet. 

Started off the day asking God for favor when we met with the bursar to try to waive our late charges. After class I headed over and kept asking God for favor. True enough when we met with Miss Janice, she immediately waived the charges and got our receipts in a second. I barely needed to explain why I needed the charges waived. I was so happy and shocked at how smooth the whole process went. Finally being able to pay fees was a huge relief off of my back. And on top of that, in faith I went to the bank the day before and took out the exact balance without the extra 1.5% and if they didn’t waive it I would have to make another trip to Chase. Wow.

Then I went to the bookstore and got a shirt that was wrongly priced – but I got it for the cheaper price anyways! 🙂 🙂

But to top it all off – Encounter tonight was PHENOMENAL. No other word to describe what just happened. We spent the few hours soaking, prophesying and ministering into each other. Oh so powerful. God keeps reminding me how He has taken care of me throughout my high school/running days and He’ll do the same here. Afterwards Rin and Chad prayed over me. Rin got a word for me about being a bright fire and Chad had a funny picture of me cupping water in my palms. Hmm I have to pray about that for sure. But man oh man.

It gets better.

I got to play foosball with the awesome bunch. And while that was happening, everyone was buzzing on about IHOP (cause international pancake day!). Then suddenly, OU texted/called that classes were cancelled for the whole of today!!!! Which means tests are going to be rescheduled but yay!!

So IHOP was a no go. Headed over to Hannah’s to grab her laptop and some coffee. Then we went to the house Joel and Jarred stayed for a week / house sitting to have worship. Man! Greg was there too. It was so awesome. The word spoken over the group tonight:

  • We are going to be excellent in sharing Gods love
  • People are going to want to be near us and we are gonna make an impact on campus
  • Greg said that worship was like the 7th walk around Jericho. We didn’t need to do anything yet the walls broke down. All we needed was to praise Him.

Encounter and worship afterwards – was indescribable. God came down and poured out into so many hungry hearts today – surreal.

We did IHOP! And hence why I’m just writing this now. 🙂 pancakes was good.

I’m so excited that good days like these are going to be a norm – and I’m claiming that. More favored days ahead!! 🙂 🙂 

So thank You Jesus. For you tell us to worry not and rest in You. We know every good and wonderful thing comes from You alone. Lest we forget.

New seasons

It is about time I admit that it is a time of new seasons for me. Oh where do I start? It is going to be my second month here.

To be honest, it is after 2 months would be the longest I have been away from home. When I studied in Kuching (Borneo Islands) I flew home every other weekend lol – even for 3 days. I would skip classes sometimes heh. Realising I can’t do that here is a little bit new for me.

Nevertheless, my time here has been nothing less than amazing. I have definitely had some ups and downs for sure, but this week has been overwhelming for me. I would like to remind my future self reading this to never look back again. This week has been a breakthrough for me. This is true in so many different ways.

I’ve had countless nights tossing and turning in bed and waking up before my alarm rings. Throughout the week I went through so many things that I had to constantly choose peace. Yes, you should agree that it is not easy. Often, the easier way would be to just admit defeat and start worrying. Anxiety. Believing in anxiety and worrying is a paradox to believing in God. This is a lesson I’ve heard countless times (especially during the Fullness conference) I know but never learnt to take heart (at least till now). I was so exhausted – the cold, the snow, cancellation of tests, every other reason. By Friday I was beat. Tired out, and suddenly I decided to listen to Graham Cooke’s message from Fullness. Hearing it the third time finally struck me in the heart. I’ve had this gradual feeling of freedom, pure peace and just slowly feeling free again.

Yes, situations may not go my way all the time but Jesus is for me.

Also, this week so many people have ministered to me and I want to remind myself to be thankful for them. My parents have always been on Skype telling me to trust God in everything, and in life group this week we had a prophecy practice thing. It was so impromptu! Regardless, Jesus is always good and we prophesied over each other. The guys in my small group spoke three things over me: fruits I may not see, a calming sunrise and the word patience. (Yeah like, what?) But I have faith! To see all this things come to pass. Anyways back to the Friday. I purposed in my heart that I was so tired of living a tired life, I want to hold my ground and claim my rest back. To add on the whole process, today, Past Chris spoke about the “Change of Heart” in church. What are we living for? Because everything that we do springs out from the heart. Are we guarding it?

Nosi spoke a word over me today – it struck me so hard. I am not ready to share it yet. But I am so blessed. To catch a glimpse of what’s in store for me.

Psalms 91 – a whole chapter worth meditating over and over again.


AH LIFE, SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO. Two more hours into a brand new week. What do you say Jesus? Ready? Well, if You are I am.

Have a great week ahead everyone! Remember to always be grateful for each day you live, live it to the best you possibly can. An ex classmate’s sister passed away earlier today. It’s always devastating to hear of new like this but Jesus wanted her home early. We can only live each day like it’s our last. Only then we’ve really lived. 🙂

Oh. My old love for Switchfoot is back. I found this song ever so relevant.


Just finished reading Jobs in my reading plan. The ending was so rewarding – knowing how he endured so much suffering and yet Jesus never left him.

I know that everyone has their own talents and trials. We all face things differently but Jesus still remains the same. The only thing I’m so grateful for each day

“I can do things you cannot, you can do the things I cannot, together we can do great things” – Mother Theresa

To live.

The past few days have been so hard. I sent my laptop for repair. This was the outcome:

1. My laptop can be fixed in January – its not that expensive, but it will never be done before I leave. Ok. So Option 2?

2. I found out that my laptop USB port cannot be fixed unless I change the motherboard (almost the price of a new laptop)

3. I decided to improvise by using thunderbolt. Hoping & praying it works. (adding another “to buy” onto my list).

And Christmas/ Kor’s homecoming/ going back to my hometown/packing. Been so busy! So many things to do, and it is so last minute. As of today (14/12) I only have 20 days left! At least all my travelling documents and etc. are all settled. Oh the minor things left. I have been so busy, I neglect my devotions (reducing the time I spend meditating & etc). Sighs compromise. But today. I’m reminded that God’s definition of living is to live with grace. To know that no matter how many times we fail (again and again); His grace is always enough to pick us up.


But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Thanking your parents

Lately, Mom has been busy preparing for her church (mission) trip to Sarawak. So I helped by preparing meals. Earlier today, Mom thanked me for preparing the meals and her smile showed how grateful she really was.

And then it hit me. Who thanked her for the meals?

As a child, all I remember most times was complaining (or thinking) how dreadful it was to eat so much vege. How much rice I had to finish, basically, for every meal there was something I wasn’t very happy about. Sad but true confession.

And so today, after 19 years, I finally realised how grateful I am to Mom for feeding us whether she felt up to it or now. So thanks Ma. For every meal you’ve prepared for us. No matter how much vege or rice you make us eat.

“Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12 (NLT)



I just recovered from the most excruciating experience ever. Not being a drama queen or whatever but the past five days have been so hard.

I got stung on my eyelid – the next two days it started swelling. So I went to see the Dr. He gave me antibiotics – usually I don’t take antibiotics. Lul, there’s a whole bunch of my antibiotics in the drawer cause I never eat them. This time mom said not to risk it and just take the medicine.

I was literally helpless – my eyelids hurt so bad and I was tearing the whole time. I couldn’t do anything. Whats even worse was the first day my eye started to swell I had food poisoning too.

AND THEN, after I finished my round of antibiotics – my body reacted. I knew, mom knew it would happen. I was burning – literally. Whole body felt so hot, this time it was like nothing I’ve ever felt. Spent the most excruciating hours from 2/3/4 trying to sleep and stay cool and breath. Breathing was so painful. To be honest I thought I was going to die at one point. Lul sorry, drama again.

Mom prayed for me and the next morning (today) I woke up without feeling the burning pain. Truly a miracle. I know for sure that Jesus heals.

Of course my days spent lying and resting had left me contemplating on life. Like really really thinking about everything. Just so grateful that this episode is over. So so thankful. And there, my thanksgiving this year; i’m happy to be alive and well again. 🙂
Thank you Jesus, for dying and taking our pain years ago.