Home away from home

Where you eat anything you want,
when you come home anytime you want,
hang out with whoever you want to,
study only if you feel like it,
never sleep that night,


where you do your own laundry,
clean your own room,
buy your own food,
get good grades.

welcome to hostel life.

Dreading / missing it!


If it is not too much to ask for,

I want a friend.

I don’t want someone who will walk in and out of my life. I want someone who will always be there, no matter where I may be, who I’ve come to be, and what I go through.

But if its not too much to ask for, I need a friend. Simply because I never expected the ones I used to have in my life to walk out so quickly, to move on, without me.

Feeling so empty, but I know God is always here for me. Always.

Let love,


I am feeling so bleh today. The guys have until Wednesday to move out, but my buddies are all out already. Either they traveled back home, or they moved out. So yea. Hostel life is meh now. Just got back from dinner and movie. Turbo is so cute and seriously, the owner is the cutest. Despite the really great meal + movie + company; I can’t help feeling a sort of emptiness. Deep inside, I now realise that everything is not going to be the same. Sending Sean off was meeeeeeeeeehh. I felt like I was him, going home. Oh man, I imagined reaching home and all that. 😦 Felt so sad, I just moped around the whole afternoon. I fell asleep and woke up crying.

Seeing Nicole and Patricia’s empty room was really hard too. Realising that all the classmates have moved out- even harder.

Instead of complaining, I know change is inevitable. I knew it would come eventually. So I have to say I also have much to be grateful for. Like for instance seeing daddy, my amazing last semester and so on.

Also, God has been always been by my side throughout this entire journey. Every morning verses will never fail to encourage me and grant me strength for that day. I love Him for giving us His word. It’s like my reason to live. Literally. Have no idea how many times I could have lost hope, gave up, be depressed. Nevertheless His word sustained me. And I owe this next sem to Him..


Much love.


he sure looks really happy;
I want to get back to where my life was so comfortable, but I promised myself to never look back. So instead I shall tell you what I am thankful for today; instead of going to bed feeling dreary and sad.:
  • EMA topical test and lab: done
  • workout @ gym
  • cooking my own dinner
  • brownies & milk
  • my not-too-bad ACS grades
  • studying is in progress
  • done with my outline


Today was a tiring day, but fun. Oh well isn’t everyday.
Till then! God bless.

No trial has overtaken you that is not faced by others. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tried beyond what you are able to bear, but with the trial will also provide a way out so that you may be able to endure it.
1 Corinthians 10:13


WHO KNEW, so soon eh.
And here I am in the study room with Dilnah studying, and the first day was spent with a bunch of guys – literally, and this is because most guys do it, so I’ve heard.
So, I have these friends,
my tablemate; Kevin Robin, and Wan, Bongs too. SOYEA,
that’s it for now.

#568 Angels in my life,

Aunty Mag gave me a call on saturday saying she had arrived and wanted me to join her for dinner. After shopping with the two girls- Dilnah, and Mary I packed in 5 mins and went over. Man, it wasn’t just a “dinner” for us both but a fund raising dinner for the “Gempuru Jaku Iban 2013” and I was wearing my shirt and jeans with my red canvas…. oh man, everyone was all dolled up in dresses, and there I was. But it was a wonderful night, seeing Indonesians flying over voluntarily to sing for us- I mean the dinner. And they were so passionate for God nothing could stop them, really, wonderful voice and talents. God bless everyone of their band (“Starlight Generations”) check them out! 🙂

The next day we sorta skipped church. But it was cool cause the dinner was sorta like a service and my cousins had things to do, so we head over to BDC ourselves and AUNTY bought me so much stuff!


whoops forgot to post it anyways here goes!