Kendra turns 19 part 1

Today would not have happened without:

German Chocolate cupcakes – courtesy of Crimson and Cream (so good)

Laura – brought party hats for everyone and a tiara for the Birthday girl! 🙂 

Last but not least – mastermind behind everything. Nosi! She planned and made tonight happened. So blessed and thankful for this year wonderful lady ❤️

So, Happy birthday Kendra!


Six years later

Time felt like a speed train. But Uncle J, I’ll never forget the way you held us, they way your voice boomed when you spoke. The way you so gently cared for all your children, nieces & nephews.

I cannot believe time has passed so fast. But you were the closest family that I lost. And today, rest assured, we all still remember and love you so dearly.

I know you are looking down, free of pain & sickness, watching over your family, grandma, and all of us. We miss you, as always.

Rest in peace always – 04/12/2008


Earlier this evening, Dad said something that upset my sister. No, it was not something as dreadful as her reaction. In fact it was so minor if Dad said it to me, I would have just shrugged it off.

But my baby sister is so used to reacting a certain way. I wouldn’t call it a tantrum, but she throws one of these fits and starts grunting/complaining.

Mind you. She does this frequently.
Being the youngest and most spoiled – this kind of behaviour is usually excusable…. except that she has been doing so much of it lately.

So I told her off, told her to start acting like a big girl and speak with words and explain why she was frustrated.

She did not stop immediately, but eventually she grew quiet. Then, she left the room cause my other sister told her to.

About an hour later, she came in telling us she was going to bed already. She apologised and said “Sorry Jie”.


Okay, let me backtrack here and enlighten you a little bit. My baby sister is invincible. The whole too-cute-and-youngest-child-so-I-cant-do-no-wrong thing is really her. Anything she does is forgivable – hence she lacks the need to actually apologise for anything. If I remember correctly, she never apologise unless instructed to do so (or it is really her fault – she can’t find a way to avoid the blame). So you see, she’s always forgiven quickly.

But today, she apologised. To me. This can only mean one thing – baby girl is finally growing up!

Just had to write sorry, okay bye! 🙂 Have a great Sunday everyone, God bless!


Back from a getaway with the family. Okay no not really Dad was there for work. But stay tuned, pictures will be up soon. We visited one of the cleanest beach ever. Was refreshing, but so dang tiring. Must be worse for Dad, we dropped him off at the airport. Another trip for him. Praying for God to grant him strength. Lately he is feeling so uncomfortable and constantly getting sick. :/ Nevertheless, that reminds me to pray more.

More updates soon.


“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.”

― Psalm 62:5

#625 Hey brother,

There’s an endless road to rediscover,
We can go, penang Char kuay tiaw and Asam Laksa!

hahah. Never been a fan of rave and Aviici kinda music till the kids in Cambodia make me listen to it. Idk if I spelled it correctly. Haha anway, being back home is nice. Very very nice, sometimes I wish my brother was home now too. Oh the joy, I can only wait for the day he comes home – and pray I’ll be home too.

Well, Kor if you were home now we’d be in the mamak watching you swallow down plates of Maggi Goreng and whatever you feel like having. Hee.

One day.

Till then, lets focus on the present blessings. Beyond blessed to have grown up with so many cousins. Despite the distance, Kor always say, “Blood is thicker than water.”
Wishing my cousins – Ignatius, Cyreah, and Sharon a very happy birthday. April babies. Spent the whole day out with them today (legs almost killed me shhh don’t tell my mummy ). I don’t know if I will be able to fly back this Gawai.

About my knees, this Friday is my scan. Hoping they will be able to diagnose the problem. Would appreciate prayers!


Ps/ today Obama came to Malaysia. Figured it’s worth mentioning just for memories sake.

Pps/ A good read about dating/courtship. Just another perspective.

#578 Blessed abundantly,

Last week, during the Gawai weekend. I was blessed enough to have 5 whole days of holiday. No classes whatsoever. Even better yet, mid-semester tests were just over, besides IT. But considering everything, it was so pleasant to be able to take a breather.

After IT class at 6 I called Uncle, later he fetched me out for dinner with his family. Then we went back to a cousins house for a couple of hours. I did EMA.. to make sure someone was awake. Sharon was arriving at midnight. Unfortunately, she was delayed for hours. Literally, we came back home bt 2am. That leaves us only 2 hours to sleep. Left at 5, (that was supposed to be 4) Dead tired. Slept in the car the whole way. Till we reached the ferry, what a beautiful sunrise. Although the ride was short, I was super excited.


Honked everyone and they all woke up when we reached! That was day one- gawai eve. 31st May. Quickly changed, helped around. Ate so so so so much. And slept for 6 whole hours, in the other house. No one disturbed me, the poor sick and tired girl.

That night, gawai eve. Stayed up doing EMA and when the music was too loud, I joined the adults who were drinking till Gawai. Went next door, where the adults moved too and drank my first taste of kampung beer lol. Not bad they bring Jack Daniels from town… which isn’t as strong. Then, I played bowling, on the tab with Philemon which increasingly grew into a challenge AND PUSH-UPS as punishment. Uncle and dad joined hahahah so funny. Control Macho ttm. Slept at 2.

Day 2-
Woke up at 6 am to the neighbours karoake who… did not off it the whole night. No one knows if they sang through the night, but man. It. was. loud. Showered and etc. And then Rantai came when we were washing the dishes. Thats when our gang was complete. Raimus was already there. So on Gawai day, we got bored of people visiting and eating… we went to fetch Kor kor Ugene somewhere. And we set off. The guys brought me around Sebuyau.

First we went to the quarry which was “Private property” and restricted. Ngehe. No one was working.

Then, I requested to see my Grandfather’s tombstone. The same place as my dear uncle; The late Mr. Jemat. Oh man, the road we used was kinda scary and steep down from the quarry. And the crevice of the bombing site where they get the stones from was…. lets just say I couldn’t see the floor. But all was well, took a short walk to the graveyard. When we reached, we cleaned it up a bit. Went home, first to Raimus’ place, then home. We all showered, cause it was a must for us after coming back from places like these. Soon, we just stayed around that evening. Ate alot. Visit some people. And then that night we wanted to watch a movie in the other house, but it didnt play. So we watched it in the main house, but the little kids hogged the place so me, Mus and Tai sat and talked, in the dark watching the movie from so far .__. But they guys were kind enough to update me about their love lives. ahhahaa, love them to bits.

Day 3-
Woke up and showered in cold freezing water. Mind you everybody was so pissed because we didn’t have water. Only the water stored. Hence making washing dishes, showering and cleaning up very very difficult. Hmmmmm, what did I do. In the morning the guys went out. Leaving me behind to clean and clean. Then when they got back I watched a movie. And they left me behind. They all went to the ferry, thinking I was asleep 😦 Never mind, all is forgiven. Then, we showered, and at night I went over to the other house. We had a really deep talk about God. It was surreal, my cousins so passionate for Him too. This makes me overwhelmed. That night we went out to buy some fire cracker, through the quarry way. Zomg, this was a one time experience, 4 drunk guys suddenly drove behind us. And Mus quickly sped. Rantai was infront luckily. The guys chased us till  the shop house. But left soon enough. They asked Raimus a question but he just stared. We went our way- to look for an uncle who was lost. Thank God he made it safely home. Who knows how dangerous it could be roaming around at night. All the uncles were out searching for him. Made everyone worried. We decided to spent the night at my Aunt’s place, Raimus’ grandmother. We reached at around 1. Showered and talked till 2. When we finally went to the sofas, Rantai fell asleep lol. The nephew, man, he has good memory. We were talking about life, till I had no voice. No joke. It was his last night with us that night 😥 It was also his birthday that night/next day.

3rd June
Day 4- Raimus’ birthday.
Me and Tai rushed home the next day to go shower. Visiting the graveyard again. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting for the ENTIRE family to be ready we set off. One lorry and one MPV. When we payed our respects, clearing up in the heat seemed like nothing. The overwhelming emotions seen by my cousins’, aunty and daddy too. That made me almost break down. Both the late Aki and Uncle left at a very young age. 😥 I remember so many things, but just talking about it makes me sad. When we wanted to leave, two things happened. The truck could not on. And one motocycle’s chain snapped. 6 of us were stranded in the bus stop. Cousin and family went to visit their other side family’s graveyard. We waited. Before going home, we dropped by the market to see if we could get any cake for Mus. Sadly, none was available. Bought icing instead and decided to ice his name on a layered cake. Finally got my chocolate to good use as we made it as frosting. We found a very decent marble cake to frost. It turned out like this.

With his mom and sister

Happy birthday to my one and only nephew! He left in tears that day back to base. Did I tell you he’s in the army? Yea well, training to be one.

After he left, everything was rather gloomy. But nevertheless the endless karoake sessions and dancing ahhaha it was cool. People came over till midnight. We were all dead tired. No joke.

Day 5- 
the next day went by in a blur.
I went out visiting to take care of little Maxson.

Ferry ride home.
Uncle’s new ride

Day 6- 
We all separated in the morning. They left at 8 am. We left at 10 am. Went back to Kuching, using Uncle’s brand new Mitsubishi. Fuh, nice car. Had lunch with them and they dropped us at the house after some shopping. After that we went for a movie. Me tha and dad.

Love them to the bits, dropped me at hostel and they left for home the next morning.

Things I can never forget; 
the stars that light up the WHOLE skies. crystal clear.
late night talks with them cousins.Why I am blessed;
Without any preparation, everyone came back. Cousins far and near, besides kor and Tiff. From everywhere. It was one of the most complete gathering. Unplanned for. Got to meet all the dear ones.

ps/ will update with pictures real soon.

GE 13.


I have been a little bit selfish and prayers have been revolving around me and myself heh. I never pray enough for the country, but today, a day before elections. I would just dedicate this post, to God. As a prayer, for the nation.

Dear God, 
Thank you for the many years of protection and blessings that you have poured out on Malaysia. Protection from natural disasters, diseases and so much more. As the people, we ask for Your forgiveness fro taking what we have for granted  help us all to instead whisper words of gratitude instead of murmuring complains all the time. Even as the results of the election will be out soon enough, I pray that the whole process will be smooth. And that this time, votes will be counted justly. Thank you for Your plans and purposes for this beloved country. Your will be done on Malaysia, and we surrender the ultimate fate of our nation; into Your loving hands. 
In Jesus MIghty Name,
MUM TIFF AND SAMANTHA ARE HERE to vote, and visit me, and mama too. I LOVE MY FAMILY, really. I missed them so so so much. Will update soon, but here’s a thing to ponder on: WHAT HAVE YOUR THOUGHTS BEEN ABOUT LATELY?