Inspire a generation;

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Woke up this morning
Jon: Bolt won!
Me: Huh? 200m?
Jon: yeaa finals just now *4am
Me: Oh then Blake?
Jon: Second, ask me who got third. ask me…
Me: huh? okay who got 3rd? USA? Tyson Gay right?
Jon: Noooo, the new Jamaican guy; Meir something. they dominate everything wei.
Me: ohhh, really?

I was so tired this morning and apparently the brother stayed up all night watching olympics. Its that season hey. But it was the only thing that made us talk lately. Brings the whole family to the TV.

Just got back from Empire with to brother to get him a farewell gift. We shopped so fast that our parking was free! Woots, bunch of cheap people we are but who hates free stuff right? Hahah. Anyways, my tables definitely missing me today. Considering the fact that i’ve never touched my books after exams sighs. Went for a jog and I saw so many schoolmates. Hee. Apparently everyones out at 6 eh. Anyway, we’ve been getting some really great food lately. Going out for family dinners every night, stuffing Jon with all the Malaysian food before Sunday. Haha. Oh since i’m not on twitter now, my facebook converted into timeline automatically. Nooooooo. It’s so confusing and hard to use. How can they do this to me? 😦 iTunes shuffled to Joe Brooks. Aiya, i’m really tired of everything. Tired of aching and dreading Jon’s departure. Just staring into space lately and thinking of hows life going to be without him is distracting enough. And to add it all up, he’s not going to be here for the holidays.

Oh shut up you; he’ll be back next olympics. Make the best out of everything.

Oh man, I really wish you were online too. Really need to talk to someone, why did I delete your number again? dumb me. 😦

Title: courtesy of the London Olympics 2012’s motto.


hee joe brooks,

Eddies Attic – Atlanta/GA – 21/09/2010

stoning..infront of your textbook before your exams is not a good thing. at all. oh wells, early mornings are dreadful. but studying is a “do or die” eh. somehow like what sir says whenever we run. lololol. yay me.

#530 All I want in this world,

is You
the worst of me // succeeded by the best of You.
Currently stoning infront of my Physics book. So many things left unsaid. 
And. 5 days left. GOD IS IN CONTROL. 
yes. tmr Physics? GOD IS IN CONTROL. 
I need to get my mind together first. GOD IS IN CONTROL. 
I’ll keep telling myself that.

 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9


Still paint these memories on my sleeves,
From 5 days of summer in the rain,

Another phase down. Two more to go.

Exams are around the corner! WELL WEELL WELLL! Here’s a quick update. The training camp was super fun, despite training being dreadful wonderful and all. It was a good experience, going to training in a buggy! HEH, super funnayy! Bathing by pouring buckets, eating with baby bats by our side, dancing with monkeys, and everything you can do basically. 🙂

Anyways, competitions are around the corner too. Gotta stay more focused, and do well. Considering that its my last year and all. Need to make this one count 🙂

Well, schools been really crazy and fun, making it somehow impossible to study. Right now i spent more than 15 mins on this lappie and 10 mins with the TV. YES, time is precious. So goodbye!

Happy Labours Day, to all students who labour! 😛
Much love.



Anyways. What am I doing blogging when sejarah’s waiting? Don’t ask me ):

Studying can bore me ): Nothings going in my head. What, tamaduns and etc. Ahhh. I don’t really care lahh, but when results come out? Eesh. 6 days and counting. I just can’t wait to be free. When I am free I wanna get eat and get fat. Wtc? Weird things have been happening lately, and thats the only reason I blog.

This is so weird.


When all else fails ,

You know it ,

CF makan was not bad at all. The crowd was overwhelming. Thank you God, for free food, and people to enjoy it 😉 Next year, we bring more drinks aight?


Oh i don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, I’ve been hating people for the littlest things. :S So not me. Right? Oh, btw world out there, Eugenias don’t always marry Eugene okay, so Mr. Tse, don curse me -.- They said my muffins were nice! Why I don’t like calling it cupcakes? Well, because of the dirty minded people around hahaha. Jk,


Bazaar yesterday with Emily, Amelia and Sam. It was cool, it’s like you bump into almost anyone :O I saw Sean and Bryan :DD Ken joined us later , at U5’s padang, till it was dark. But yeah, good talk (: In the car both Emily and Amelia, that CHACE CRAWFORD was perfection ;D Hmmm, we should do it more before fasting is over. Btw, Taylor’s mum is a pastor. Hahaha, hard to believe.Why I blog? Its to de-stress I guess :/ I don’t know lah lol, mum’s pressuring me more, yeah well, thirty two days left and counting guys! And guess what? THIRTY TWO days to freedom. Hows that? Well, Eugenia shut up and study lah you. Okay okay, BYE (:

ps/ Revo, is dying like crap in seafield I mean , AND, today is the gathering, well, I missed it , what happened to the fire? Don’t ask me. I don’t know.
Yeah, thats how I crap, see ya aliens. OH, and MALAYS out there, HAPPY RAYA! (;