So happy you liked the video. It is okay if he never reads this, but I thank Jesus for bringing Ron into the world years ago. Well, I shall begin from day one. Like everybody else, I thought he was together with Amelia. They were school mates since forever and even in Uni they kept staying close to each other only… so I was like.. kay never mind. Will not disturb. After the first week, Melia announced that she is not with Ron hahah they were just friends – the english magazine really brought us together and helped break all the tension. I have to admit, Ron’s short story was terrible. His english… I think he did it like an hour before the deadline. Since then we started taking short trips after the first field trips. We would all have lunch together. And sometimes Ron will take us all out.

When finals were around the corner, they all stayed back to study. Ron didn’t really stay except when he needed help with English (Our english is actually called “academic and communication skills and they are really a pain – with super strict grading). But by the end of the semester, we started going to the gym, having suppers 24/7, watching midnight movies, cooking at Fien’s house. By the second semester we were all badass enough to play CS (Counter Strike) and we got out ID’s recorded. Haaaa. But till today, Ron remembers I killed him – super funny when he found out it was me. Anyway.

These guys were like my second family there. Ron or Javan would never mind sending me to and fro from the airport every time I went back. I probably will never say this to their faces but I am so so grateful each time I see their faces in the airport.

So grateful, because I know when I go back to Kuching away from home (oh how dreadful)  I will be actually going to my other home – with those familiar faces.

No, Ron isn’t like an extraordinary gentlemen that will go all out to be nice. But he is nice. In our last semester, his car over heated. The next day he thought it would be okay already. So we went out for lunch. Luckily Fien was in the car (His dad is a mechanic so he knows cars). The car over heated and we had to stop. It couldn’t start and we were really stuck. We tried everything – poor Ron he didn’t know what to do. Fien did what we could but we were stuck. So Ron’s dad told him to drive to a nearby shop and leave the car there for the mechanic to collect. We had lunch AND HE PAID FOR US… like zomg, we are the reason your car spoil then you still want to pay? Heeh.

But he is funny to talk to and he loves HIMYM. In our third semester when we were all stressed up for 3 units we had to choose our degrees too. He could never really make up his mind. After classes he agreed to come back and study. We went to the comp lab and agreed if we studied we would watch HIMYM’s latest episode. But we didn’t study, we just watched HIMYM haha. While waiting for the parking to be free (10pm you leave uni its free parking) we went up to the bridge and he talked about his work. AHH that boy hahaha, he told me he used to write those price signs. Those big numbers you see in the supermarkets – “0.99 cents” only kind. Hahahahaha and this is the boy who got the cinemas wrong. He so gan cheong when he read the text because he was a little bit late – he ended up almost half an hour late. So freaking funny. Underneath all that hiao-ness I know he’s a lot more. I would never trade anything to know him (& the other bros).

As weird as he listens to Drenched and other emo Chinese songs alot, as funny as his lame shares on facebook are (he always shares lame funny pictures), as lifelessly addicted he plays dota – he is still Ron Ron that will take me go Mcd at midnight – cause we’re hungry. Then we go back and annoy those studying in the chilling crib. Those were the days – thanks for everything.  🙂 

Photo on 2013-10-22 at 15.06Picture taken on my laptop (Eng Maths B) – 22/10/2013, 3.06pm

Happy birthday Ron!

#BBF – (Best bros fiveever)



Hello all!

I just got accepted into a decent Uni. Yayers, so excited and happy. Finally feel a little bit secure of my future plans. Hope everything else goes well. These past few days… have been happening. Exhausted emotionally and physically. This morning’s email for my acceptance really made my day. So, thanks God.

Also, today is a happy day for my bimbo. I have not done this in a long time but it is my best friend’s birthday! So here is a post dedicated to her. Happy 19th birthday Qing Hua! I really hope you can read the writing behind the card. Really enjoyed making your card, I know you love it. Well, I hope you will receive cards every year on your birthday from me. (No matter how far away or where you are in the world) I am so happy to be here (finally, no MSSD, Kuching whatever) with you on your special day. And I hope that you will have a good one. Please stay safe in Penn State. I will miss you a lot but I am so grateful for your presence. You are my favourite bimbo and you should know that. Thanks for always hanging out with me. 🙂

Darling, just swear you’ll stay, right by my side.

Be My Forever, Christina Perri ft. Ed Sheeran

#604 365 days of being 17

Hello everybody.

So I have only a couple of hours left to be 17. Sadly, I think I am going to sleep through midnight LOL. Anyway, it I am so scattered I cannot even attempt to do my EMB until I get this off my chest.

Well, being away is not easy. Sometimes there are perks, like staying out late, going out or such. Not being strictly monitored, but well, sometimes I wished I had curfews. I wish someone could tell me what time to go home. Remind me not to go out too much, to chose when to and when not to.

Secondly, being away really makes you stronger. Like holistically. I believe spending money and time wisely is a lesson that can never be taught. Hence, what better way to learn than in uni/college?

As much as that matters, right now all I want is to hug my mummy. Yea I know, it sounds so sissy and it’s a wish that is impossible right now. But with that said, I want to share with you some of the highlights of my past 17 years.

Well, as cheesy as this sounds, I need to do this right now, for myself. Because being grateful and thankful for all God has blessed me with is the only resort. Looking back, I can never complain. I know that.

Running club
Monster Dash Charity Run & my first 5 km medal
Roadtrip > Hiking > Waterfall
Trips back home
These girls who meet me every time I’m back
Being sportswoman for the third time.
Competing in SUKMA.
Running & the joys.
The year green house won
My donkeys
CF, so far the best thing that has ever happened in high school (to me)
Turning 17 with these people during the SPM season
I did not include running pictures, cause that is a whole different thing to be grateful for. Don’t get me wrong, it is something I am very grateful for, but i’ve often posted about MSSD, MSSS, MSSM. So there. 🙂
Also, to my bros who have always been there for me despite being so far. Its so sweet that I can still retain my “Bimboking” title. Just so you know, you are very much appreciated, for always cracking jokes when I need to laugh. Man, I miss you guys.
With that being said, right now, I have much to be thankful for
Right now, these people are the best thing that has ever happened to me here in Kuching.
I guess that sums up being 17. Except that, I miss my family so much and this boy especially

God knows how much I miss him. Literally. Well here’s to the second birthday without you Kor. Miss you and love you.

Yes well. Hope you’ve collected my scattered thoughts by now dear readers, if not sorry for wasting your time, you should really consider closing this tab.

note to self: you have so much to be grateful for.

#565 Transition stages


Well, I shall discontinue the previous blog post because I will find inspiration to finish it one day. Any hows, considering the fact that I have graduated from high school last year, I have the privilege of bumming around before college life starts all over. And oh man, i’m going to be frank and say I don’t know whats in store next.

My high school life has been pretty awesome, in that busy, hectic kind of way, but asking me now. I would never exchange missing classes for the wonderful people I’ve met. And miraculously, despite studying from August on wards I managed through SPM. Earlier, I was telling mum whether she thought I would get all A’s. She said, if you do i’ll be happy for you, but i know you did your best. :’) So rare to hear these kind of things lately, but I guess her seeing me being locked in my room, and never wanting to eat has scared her a little. hahaha I could tell she was so worried. But nevertheless, God’s grace is sufficient through it all. And finally, 4 years of blissful high school life is over. But it flew past just like that.

Now, the uncertainty that lies ahead, colleges, studying again, starting new. The thoughts can be really refreshing but terrifying. As much as I want to stick to everyone I know now, reality still exists and people do live separate lives in the end, just not so soon please? 😦 Because applying for somewhere apart from home seems like a really scary thing to do. It’s like forever MSSM hostel life. Oh no, as much as I want to get in the though of it is up to God. Really, but studying without paying a thing is my dream. Hahah, it’s probably the least i can do for my parents.

So, dear God, please grant me this opportunity. One special favour to return my parents.

service in church was about priorities hence;

Where are your priorities? Planning to start 2013 with God, because I know this is going to be a long year. I just need to find where He is and stay there. LOLOL, having trouble doing daily devotions, and that will be my confession. For now, besides that I’ve been good, no worries 🙂
Everyone is headed off to college, and to be honest, staying at home is never boring when I have my Samantha with me. That girl drives me up the wall sometimes, but she never fails to make my day. Every time. 🙂 Love spending time with the family. Hopefully getting a part-time job will not be too hectic, but I’m still praying that God will allow me to get the job I want. Which is for you to find out soon enough 😉 
Here’s a funny story about today I went all the way to U6BC where people play some really mean basketball by the way. The plan was initially collect a shirt I lend a friend. Well, I actually got the see them old classmates ❤ But I didn't bring the shirt alone, and for that I hereby congratulate myself. *pats own shoulder*

The day I turned 17;

Park, thanks for the rose! 🙂
Jack, Chuan Jian, Jared, Josh, thank you all for coming.
Eu Jin, willing to miss gym time & eat fatty food? hahah,
Jia, thanks for perro! Wee Jui, eeeh, haah thanks for the coke! 😀
HANJIN. HOHO, watch out friend. *Stares*
At least I gave you cake to eat, next time, I will not be generous no more.*serious face*
And Chun Yeaw for calling 🙂 
PIN & MEI, the card was awesome thank you both! 🙂
Adilah & Munawar! Irfan too! Thanks for coming,
Oh and ill always remember our dorky moments in class 😉 5D FTW

For all the seconds you spent not studying just to celebrate my special day
love you!
And our retarded moments. *coughs.
LOVE YOU GRANDMA 😉 Jk about the grandma part.
Not jk about the love you part.


AND the card.
AND the video
AND the song
And everything else “sister” 😉
San. Jing. Pei.
Best friends/prom buddies ftw.
We go crazy & retarded together, but thank you all for everything you’ve done for me.
Such amazing friends *sniffs. But really. 🙂 Thanks for helping pei organise & etc etc.
AND MAKING MY LIFE SHO COLOURFUL. Glitter & rainbows, and unicorns tooooo!

To the girl that made everything possible. THANK YOU FOR PLANNING THIS
I would write an essay about you too but;
I believe that you have so much in you, and your kind heart to do charity proves it.
Pei, studying is not everything, so what if you get all A’s? So what if you don’t?
People will judge, people will look down, but people also forget you know 😉
 Life ain’t all about the books. Believe in yourself a little bit more okay. ❤

Thank you for this. Party
heh, you so sweet really I know how hard it is to get everyone together.
So for the effort specially during SPM ❤ Owe you big time.

THANK YOU for fetching me home. Safely too.


And to all those who wished. Thank you, even though it wasn’t on fb idk how you found out. AND THE GUYS, everyone of the olahraga guys wished me. FB or whatsapp. Whatever, but naw, you guys remembered. :’) I’m going miss Really, but it’s time to hand over the baton, so keep the legacy for Seafield. Track and field. AND TO THOSE I MISSED, or forgot to reply. Deepest apologies. And thank you. For making my birthday wonderful in every way.

With love,

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Happy Birthday!


Probably one of our last captured memories of school huh? Too bad pei had to be in the picture too. Hah, anyways friend. I’m so sorry for wishing so late, like I said, I really stayed up to wish you promise, and I really really hope you had a great birthday, I hope you spent the last 24 hours listening to Paramore 😉 haha, Thanks for always being there to listen to me rant, and always being a true friend, since 2 Ilmu yos. 


Girl on your left. Yos, so much to say but sadly time has caught up. Exams and circumstances around has brought us to different paths now, nevertheless, thanks for all the memories and the friendship we share. And if you’re wondering, I don’t have a boyfriend now okay? I’m not that kind of person 😉 All the best for IG’s!


I CANNOT BELIEVE after ALL THESE YEARS, we don’t have a decent picture together! You’re like the second Jon brother yo. I MISS ALL THE TIMES WE HAD. Spm stupid SPM. We shall go out and be sampats again soon. But Jon, we literally grew up in church, from CSOM, to YC, and form 3 CG outings, Amplified, Live.Revolution. AH Crazy times. So proud of how much you’ve grown today, physically, haha you’ve become very fine looking broo, and spiritually in God too. So, all the best fro SPM. Here’s an early wish, I know its not your birthday yet, nevertheless.

Awwwwwww. You jons.
ps/ i miss you guys ):
Loves. 8 days till SPM and I have to blog, I’m FANTASTIK~ And BIGBANG is in Malaysia.

Happy Birthday Bryan Cheng!

Hari Koku 2012

Heylo there brother, its one day after your birthday, and its late, but at least you got to spend your birthday at prom with everyone you love, even your mummy and daddyyy! 🙂

Well, Mr. Prom King/President. 
These are just titles, mere titles that can never really describe who you are, cause you’re so much more than any of it. Thanks for being such a wonderful person and always encouraging us as a cf. You’ve always been the rational one in all our decisions and I’ll never forget all the crazy things we did at NSCFL, thanks for asking me to sign up. Hahah. May God bless you in everything you do!