Living on One

I watched a video about two guys who wanted to know what it was like to live under a dollar a day & it changed my life, for real.

So, one part that really got me was when one of the villagers (Antonio) and his family (of four kids) cooked a special dish for Chris, Zach, Sean and Ryan. They had so little yet they willingly gave so much. Let me explain how little they live on – the whole family, six individuals (including a baby) live on $1.25 on average. Some days are worse, some days, better. Yet, Antonio personally offered and told them that they can come over anytime, for food, shelter, and he will try his best to provide for them. Wow.

I wonder, how can someone with so little, love that much?

Another thing that struck me was that these families had to constantly choose between feeding their children or sending them to school (for a decent education). No parent should ever have to decide between these choices.

This movie is an eye opener. Everyone should watch it. Guys, I am so ashamed. I don’t think I can survive on $1 per day. These people don’t have an option. I cannot live one day without the ‘basic’ necessities, like water, electricity. What is insane is that our ‘basic’ amenities are considered luxurious to these people. People like you and I, with big dreams, dreams to become a football star. Yet, they live knowing that, at the age of 12 years old, their future is set to be a farmer. They know that school is not at option.

Wow, 12 years old guys. When I was 12 I am not sure if I even knew what an ambition was. Yes, I had dreams of what I wanted to be, but I never had a path preset for me already.

When thinking about world poverty, I’ve always wondered what the ultimate solution was. This movie answered my question. There is not ultimate solution, however, partial solutions lead to the eventual solution for world hunger. So many factors have to be considered when addressing an issue like this. This will only be possible if every small factor considered, will be addressed and hence solved.

Lately, I’ve been blessed. Blessed to have watched so many eye opening movies. Here is a short list of what I think is worth watching: Black and white, The True Cost, Living on One.

Ps/ Check these two guys out []


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